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New Obesity meds? Could Ozempic or Wegovy no longer be the King of the Hill?

Nothing lasts forever. Especially in the world of drug development. A new medication from the drug company Eli Lilly called Tirzepatide will be seeking FDA approval for diabetes management in 2022, and I suspect it will be seeking approval for obesity management shortly thereafter. Trials have been completed, and tirzepatide has been shown to have some very remarkable results not only in managing blood sugars but also in weight-loss. Let’s take a look at the results and see if the King will still be standing!

My Problem with Weight-Loss Medications

I won’t apologize for my clickbait title. In a world where we are flooded with information, one needs to get creative with grabbing people’s attention. I also do have a problem with where Obesity medicine practice is headed and no one seems to be talking about it.

We have the data, we have the knowledge, and we have the agents that can provide additional support in managing an individual’s weight. So why the hell aren’t we doing a better job?

How to manage your weight in the New Year and create lasting changes – Webinar Replay

This webinar originally aired live on January 12th, 2022. In this webinar, I discuss expectations and sustainable weight-management, weight-loss and what wellness actually looks like. I guide you through how you can change your mindset, set appropriate goals, and understand the importance of consistency. I also review some basic principles around nutrition and activity.

Managing the Holidays with Obesity!

The holidays are here! You know I do love this time of year. Everyone seems a little less cranky and more tolerant of my shenanigans. That is why I am forever grateful for the individuals behind the scene that help me put all this content together.

After speaking with a number of clients and patients it is quite apparent that many people are worried about the extra food, the potential weight gain, losing their progress then fighting to get their weight back down again in the New Year. I get it. This has likely been the vicious cycle you have experienced year after year and f*ck wouldn’t it be amazing if this year could be different?

Let’s make this year different, together.

Could your low-carb diet be killing you?

Could your low-carb diet actually be killing you? I know it’s kind of a terrifying thought considering how many people have been using low carb and keto-style diets for weight-loss. Not to mention haven’t all the internet gurus been touting how amazing keto and low carb diets are? Learn what the world wide web hasn’t told you about low-carb diets. Let’s get into it!

Wegovy approved in Canada for weight-loss!

Health Canada finally came through. Wegovy was officially approved for obesity management in Canada on November 25, 2021! I honestly was not sure it was going to happen before the New Year. Learn the latest news on Wegovy, its trials, expected cost for users, dosage amounts and more in this blog.

Are your medications causing you to gain weight? – Webinar Replay

This webinar originally aired live on November 24th, 2021. In this webinar, I discuss medications and the role they may have on our weight! We break down the myths and review the mechanisms of action, dive into the science and how we can successfully manage our weight and most importantly, our health!

So… Diabetes is your fault?

On World Diabetes Day – November 14, 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) told 460+ million people that Type 2 Diabetes is their fault. They brought this disease on themselves because they spent too much time sitting on the couch eating chips. Factors like genetics, socioeconomic status, environment, psychological stressors, medications, etc. have absolutely nothing to do with it. Join me as I discuss why this thought was dragged by Twitter and eventually taken down by WHO.

Obesity is NOT your Fault!

It is not your fault that you have obesity. You did not choose to have obesity. Obesity is a chronic disease. Obesity is a risk factor. Obesity is a symptom. Just like diabetes. Just like high blood pressure. Just like high cholesterol. These are all chronic conditions. If managing obesity was a choice, and all you had to do was eat less and move more, you would not have a weight issue. There would be no obesity epidemic and I would likely have gone back to school at this point to be a psychiatrist. Let’s dive in, shall we?

You are ALLOWED to Lose Weight!

You are also allowed to not lose weight.

I know, earth-shattering stuff. Nothing in this world is black and white. Your goals should be your own and for reasons that are truly important to you. It seems like the only way to fit in is by taking a position on one of the extremes and then throwing all logic out the window. This week, I want to empower you to do what feels good and right for you, and nobody else.

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