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Rybelsus: Oral Ozempic?

Have you heard of Oral Ozempic? It’s all over the news headlines as of late. Have you heard of Rybelsus? Same same, but different?

Wegovy Maintenance Dose

Are you on Ozempic, Wegovy, or Mounjaro, at a given dose, and you’ve reached your target weight? And now, the question has come up: what do I do with my weight loss medication when I reach my target weight?

Mounjaro can CURE Fatty Liver

Did you know that Mounjaro is not just for shedding pounds but also for tackling that stubborn liver fat?

In this week’s YouTube video, we’re diving deep into the game-changing results from the SURPASS-3 trials and how Mounjaro is turning the tide on this global health concern.

Ozempic: The Game Changer

Ozempic has been a game changer in diabetes and obesity medicine, and you’ve probably heard about it. But what does it actually do?

Ozempic Made Me Depressed

In July, it was announced that the European Union is investigating whether Ozempic or Semaglutide, the molecule inside Ozempic, is linked to or causing depression and suicidal thoughts in some individuals.

Ozempic Paralyzed My Stomach

So if you haven’t heard the news lately, it looks like Ozempic, the blockbuster medication for diabetes and weight management, is causing stomach paralysis.

Brace yourself for the surprising insights that challenge the status quo of this blockbuster drug’s reputation.

High Dose Wegovy

Can a higher dose of Wegovy or Mounjaro provide additional benefit? Can taking a dose beyond what is the recommended maximum amount provide better results?

Protein, Protein and More Protein to Manage Your Primal Brain

You’ve probably heard that protein is important, and heck, you’ve probably heard me say that protein is very important for your weight loss journey. Today I want to tell you WHY protein is so important.

Weight Loss Meds & The Modern Brain

So a couple of weeks back, I talked about the primal brain and the role that it has in making it seem like Wegovy or other weight loss medications are no longer working.

Today, I will finish the story by telling you a little bit about which part of your brain the medications are helping.

Mounjaro for Weight Loss?? New King of the Hill??


I haven’t talked about Mounjaro in a while since I previously reviewed what was called the SURPASS-2 trial that compared Mounjaro to Ozempic 1 mg once a week in individuals with diabetes.

Today, I want to focus on Mounjaro and the weight loss it provides in individuals that have obesity.

Try My New Calorie Calculator!

Calculate your daily calorie and protein targets to help you achieve your weight goals.

Try My New Calorie Calculator!

Calculate your daily calorie and protein targets to help you achieve your weight goals.