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EP 42 – Resiliency, boundaries, and kindness for the Strong Independent Women with Jennifer Wiebe

Worldwide, there is often an expectation that women should be “everything” and “do it all.” Women are resilient, affectionate, powerful and strong, but this expectation can be challenging! What is the harm in this expectation, and how can it be adjusted?

EP 41 – Is Weight Loss Really that Challenging? With Kelly Moen

The short term aspect of keeping the weight off is kind of easy. Even losing weight is not so extremely hard. But keeping that weight off in long term is very challenging. We have to look at the environment around us, how that affects us on the long-distance, and can we apply the bio-psycho-social elements to creating a better space for ourselves. Today, we are joined by Kelly Moen, an obesity therapist and healthcare professional, who’s passionately helping people with their mental health and mindset. Tune in again for another episode of the Big Fat Facts Podcast.

EP 40 – Obesity in Animals. Not just a human pandemic – with Dr. Carling Matejka

Obesity is a disease. It’s not just humans whose health is affected by it. Animals also experience it. In today’s episode of Big Fat Facts podcast, we have a special guest joining in to discuss obesity with pets. Dr. Carling Matejka is a full-time mixed animal veterinarian and part-time emergency veterinarian dedicated to improving the human-animal bond. Are you rewarding your pets in the right way? And what is a typical treatment plan for an obese animal? Let’s talk about obesity with animals.

EP 39 – STOP Shoulding Yourself with Dr Dan and Queen Iva

You’d think shoulding is just a part of your daily wondering but what you don’t realize is that it becomes toxic and will affect your mental well-being in the long term. “I should have done that,” is in your daily vocabulary but it shouldn’t be. Change it to ‘I am’ or ‘I’m not’ and focus on the new vision and start moving forward. It’s Mindful Monday without Kelly but we’re building up to some new exciting topics coming up very soon. Tune in now.

EP 38 – Vulnerability Sucks but is Necessary to Change your Habits with Dr. Dan and Queen Iva

Vulnerability is what makes us human. We’re not robots and without feelings, we couldn’t survive. Dan and Ivana are back discussing habits, their formation and defining the hidden elements of them. We’re scared to try new things, say what’s on our mind and reflect openly on the situations because those actions make us vulnerable. We open up and then we end up getting hurt. Our wall goes down. But can we jump again, even if that cliff gets higher every time we fail? Tune in now!

EP 37 – Embracing the Anger Iceberg with Kelly Moen

There are six basic emotions that every culture has. And without speaking the language of the other nation, we can still recognize the emotions they are experiencing. Anger causes us to react in many ways and 90% of the time a snippet of the reason for this emotion is visible. What is beneath the surface and what is the iceberg analogy? It’s Mindful Monday with Kelly Moen and in today’s episode, we discuss this basic emotion – ANGER. Stay tuned!

What is a habit?

Want to learn how to change bad habits? First, you need to learn what a habit actually is. Read on!

EP 36 – Habits. Why They Are Hard to Make and Break with Dr. Dan and Ivana

Welcome back for another new series of BFF episodes. Let’s talk about habits. They are hard to make, pretty hard to break and barely impossible to forget. Our brain is wired to keep important stuff saved, habits are a survival thing and since even animals have them, they are primal things. What are habits and what are micro-habits? We’re answering these questions on this episode. Stay tuned!

EP 35 – Superheroes, Dad-bods, and Body Positivity in Males with Kelly Moen

It’s not just women who are judged for their body image. This happens to men as well. People just don’t talk about this that much.

EP 34 – Mental Health and Obesity – Answering the Burning Questions with Dr. Dan and Alishba

In today’s episode, Dan is replying to medical student Alishba Danish’s burning questions about obesity, mental health, binge eating and general topics about a healthy lifestyle. Why do we binge eat and how our brain works with the information we get? Which TDEE calculators to use and what our body wants? All these questions get answers. Tune in now to find out!

Try My New Calorie Calculator!

Calculate your daily calorie and protein targets to help you achieve your weight goals.

Try My New Calorie Calculator!

Calculate your daily calorie and protein targets to help you achieve your weight goals.