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EP 18 – Mindful Monday Perfection vs. Mastery

We are always driven to achieve perfection. It starts with school and growing up and continues even when we’re grown-ups. During our journey in life, we encounter problems and sometimes fail but it should be a learning opportunity. Perfection vs mastery – we want to thrive but even though perfection is almost impossible to achieve, we want to master the progress. Welcome back for another Mindful Monday episode with Kelly Moen.

EP 17 – Finding your WHY

Our WHY sticks with us and we need that purpose. Simon Sinek wrote this amazing book “Find Your Why” and in today’s episode, we want to help you understand why finding your WHY and goal will bring magic into your life. They say: ‘fulfillment is happiness, but it’s actually not’. Want to know why? Tune in now!

EP 16 – Real Life Perspective – Dominate the Day with Beau

Welcome to another episode of Big Fat Facts podcast! Our guest today is super-inspirational Beau, who speaks about his struggles and achievements in life. Being in a wheelchair for his whole life, Beau shares his insights about his everyday battles and how he overcomes depression. We hope you’ll find this interview as motivating as we did. Tune in and enjoy!

A Body in Motion Stays in Motion

What can I do to get motivated? TAKE ACTION. In this blog, we discuss how taking one small action will build the motivation to tackle your goals.

EP 15 – Mindful Monday – Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation with Kelly Moen

There’s so much noise and you need to block it out. Stay mentally healthy because your body needs it. What’s the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation? It’s time for another Mindful Monday with Kelly Moen. In this episode, we are discussing the difference in great detail and explain why we need to know what all of this really means for us.

EP 14 – Fat Facts Friday starting your Activity Journey with Geoff Starling

To get that wave of endorphins, you just need to move. Our body wants to be active and besides losing body fat, we also gain so much out of a workout. This is another episode of Fat Facts Friday! Today, we have our friend Geoff Starling join us and explain why working out is essential to your wellbeing and overall health.

EP 13 – Mindful Monday and our Locus of Control with Kelly Moen

Internal and external locus of control is something people don’t know enough about but in this episode we really want to educate people on it. What does it mean? Have you given it away and how can you get it back? We are joined by Kelly Moen, to start this Mindful Monday series and discuss the truth behind the locus of control.

EP 12 – Inaugural Fat Facts Friday Podcast with Dr. Dan and Ivana

The Covid-19 hasn’t completely blown over but we want to switch to more detailed information on the healthy lifestyle and obesity. So here’s Fat Facts Friday! We are on a mission to make people’s lives better in every way and losing weight has a big part to play. Here’s everything you need to know!

EP 11 – How to Deal with Cystic Fibrosis – Interview with Randy Howden

It’s not just toilet paper madness and social distancing that’s going on right now. People are still sick with other illnesses while the rest of the world fights against the spread of COVID. In today’s episode, I am chatting with Randy Howden, whose son was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when he was just 5 months old. How things are going during the pandemic and what’s Cystic Fibrosis? Tune in now!

EP 10 – Smart Money – Interview with Vishal Guliani

What’s your budget? Do you have one? In today’s episode, Ivana has the pleasure to chat with Vishal Guliani who is a seasoned investor who invests in real estate, stocks, and precious metals. Managing your money on this time of chaos can be a pain but with good choices, everything can be simplified to a beneficial outcome.

Try My New Calorie Calculator!

Calculate your daily calorie and protein targets to help you achieve your weight goals.

Try My New Calorie Calculator!

Calculate your daily calorie and protein targets to help you achieve your weight goals.