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EP 33 – We All Have Value and We All Are Loved with Isaac Harvey

People with disabilities adapt from day one. You don’t know how you’d feel until you experience it yourself. Meet our guest, Isaac Harvey. This awesome guy doesn’t let the world dictate what he can and can not do. As a vlogger from Great Britain, he has become a great inspiration to those who feel like the world ends where your normal isn’t everyone else’s. Happy Birthday, Isaac! This is for you!

EP 32 – Pageant Queens, Body Image, and Shame with Siera Bearchell

We are judged for our body image. Too fat, too skinny, facial features are not symmetrical enough and all other kinds of judgments. It’s not glitz and glam all the time. Siera Bearchell is an inspiration and the Miss Universe Canada 2016. How did she cope with the negative comments and messages about herself? Tune in to find out!

EP 31 – #DOMS What are They and Why You Should Care with Dan and Ivana

Let’s talk about pain and the game. Your body will let you know when you’re trying too hard and that it’s time to take a break. #DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness. In today’s episode, Ivana and Dan share their recent experiences on the topic. There’s no pain without the game and sometimes you just don’t acknowledge that you’re taking it too far. Not until you feel like a trainwreck on the next day. Tune in now!

How to eat healthier (when you don’t like cooking)

How to start eating healthy? It starts with learning to change your habits. Is it possible to learn to like cooking? Dr. Dan says YES! Read on…

EP 30 – Empowering Others to See Their Inner Potential with Tony Jacobs

What does it take to flip that switch? How much time will it take to decide on changing your life? Meet Tony ‘The Tiger’, our guest for today’s episode. He’s been doing youth ministry for over 25 years, working with kids who need guidance and help. He conquered his battle against obesity and came out of it happier, relieved and more energized than ever. We get emotional. Why? Let’s listen.

EP 29 – The Definition of Success with Dan and Ivana

achievements, new things, or just stuff? Let’s ponder about it. In this episode, we question the concept of finding joy from the success we will experience and the things that we have always wanted and then pursued them. Do you know how happiness feels when you’re not sure if those previous feelings were truly real? Tune in now!

EP 28 – What is Healthy Obesity – Featuring Obesity Specialist Dr. Nadolsky

Welcome back for Fat Facts Friday episode and today Dan and Ivana interview Dr. Spencer Nadolosky. He’s the lord of the memes, an attraction on Instagram and he is a board-certified physician in both family medicine and obesity medicine. You don’t want to miss this episode.

EP 27 – Dissecting Temperament and Personality with Kelly Moen

Are you choleric or sanguine? Or maybe phlegmatic or melancholic? There are four temperaments that drive our behavior. We all have those traits that categorize us under one or two of those. In this Mindful Monday episode with Kelly Moen, we dive deep into discussing how our personalities and temperaments shape us. This is food for thought, so stick around and tune in!

How to define success

How we define success matters. To you, what does it mean to be successful? Dr. Dan talks about the importance of defining success in a healthy way that focuses less on material items and more on emotion.

EP 26 – Another Discussion on Female BADASSERY and Culture with Marwa

She’s an inspiration and by the age of 20, has made such a huge difference for herself and others. Marwa Chawich is an ACE certified personal trainer in Calgary, Canada. As a Muslim woman, she knows how cultural differences set up challenges. Marwa has a unique way to set goals for her clients and motivate them with caring empathy. You don’t wanna miss this episode, so tune in now!

Try My New Calorie Calculator!

Calculate your daily calorie and protein targets to help you achieve your weight goals.

Try My New Calorie Calculator!

Calculate your daily calorie and protein targets to help you achieve your weight goals.