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EP 25 – How to Be Better at Meditation with Dr. John Stewart

Meditation should be a daily practice for calming your mind and reducing stress. Hypnosis is a great way to help patients overcome some of the harmful habits. In this episode, Ivana interviews Dr. John Stewart about using hypnosis instead of common anesthetics and how he explores emotions by teaching people how to meditate. This is a very insightful episode, so tune in now!

EP 24 – Lifting Heavy Things, FEMALE BADASSERY and Dispelling Myths with Jasmine

In today’s episode of Fat Facts Friday, Dan and Ivana talk with Jasmine about the misconceptions about heavy lifting and working out in the gym. Your body is not limited to only cardio. It takes some time to master the technique and women can lift more than some of the guys in the gym. Tune in for another awesome empowered episode.

EP 23 – Changing Perspectives with Olly Pegg

Losing his dad turned Olly’s life upside down. He decided to quit his job, move abroad and let alcohol be his comfort. We go through things daily and deal with the problems differently. Not losing ourselves in the emotional rollercoaster is tough. Olly found a new direction in life when he decided to dedicate himself to fitness and physical activity! Welcome back for another Changing Perspective episode!

EP 22 – Mindful Monday – The Importance of Community with Ryder from Play 107

The moment you turn on your radio, you are automatically transferred to another world. Ryder is an amazing radio show host on Play 107 and throughout his career in different radio stations, he has let his voice be heard strongly. We talk about the job, the COVID outbreak, and how the host presents his own word to the audience. This is Mindful Monday with Ryder!

The challenge of weight loss maintenance

The problem with most diets is whenever the diet stops… you gain the weight back. In this blog, we share an article written by a Health Psychologist explaining a model for maintaining weight loss.

EP 21 – SMART Goals with Dr. Dan and Ivana

The goals that you set up for yourself are the building blocks for your growth. Make them specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and fixed with time. Make your goals S.M.A.R.T. You can’t chew off a hell of a chunk. For a more realistic result, break it up to bite-size pieces and you can enjoy the journey with gusto. Welcome back for another Fat Facts Friday episode!

EP 20 – Mindful Monday OVP vs. SVP

The organismic valuing process (OVP) explains the natural tendency to value and pursue intrinsic goals and the sociocognitive valuing process (SVP) explains the role of social context in shaping individuals’ values and goals. Both are huge factors that affect our lives from early on. We need to grow and re-adjust our activities, environment and etc, to find our balance. Welcome back for another awesome episode of Mindful Monday!

EP 19 – Bias, Stigma, and Discrimination in Obesity

Our guest today is Ali Zentner who is a physician specializing in obesity and the owner and medical director of Revolution Medical Clinic. There’s a lot of biases, stigmas and discrimination that revolves around the obesity and how doctors treat overweight people. Welcome back for another episode of Fat Facts Friday.

EP 18 – Mindful Monday Perfection vs. Mastery

We are always driven to achieve perfection. It starts with school and growing up and continues even when we’re grown-ups. During our journey in life, we encounter problems and sometimes fail but it should be a learning opportunity. Perfection vs mastery – we want to thrive but even though perfection is almost impossible to achieve, we want to master the progress. Welcome back for another Mindful Monday episode with Kelly Moen.

EP 17 – Finding your WHY

Our WHY sticks with us and we need that purpose. Simon Sinek wrote this amazing book “Find Your Why” and in today’s episode, we want to help you understand why finding your WHY and goal will bring magic into your life. They say: ‘fulfillment is happiness, but it’s actually not’. Want to know why? Tune in now!

Try My New Calorie Calculator!

Calculate your daily calorie and protein targets to help you achieve your weight goals.

Try My New Calorie Calculator!

Calculate your daily calorie and protein targets to help you achieve your weight goals.