As a fellow healthcare clinician, I understand and fully appreciate your passion and the care you provide to each of your patients. Of course, you want to ensure that any care provider you refer your patient to will be equally as passionate.

I founded Health Evolved to help facilitate a deficit within our current healthcare system. Patients who are struggling to manage their weight and lifestyle have a limited number of options with respect to weight management programs that are both medically supervised and utilize the most current research and evidence. It became frustrating to see my patients turning to commercial diet and weight-loss programs that can offer quick results but do not address the underlying issues as to why an individual has reached their current weight. Ultimately, leading to the weight being regained. My frustration was further compounded by receiving an education that only briefly reviewed obesity and was still of the mentality ‘eat less, move more’.

Therefore, I took it upon myself to advance my training, and knowledge, obtaining the designation as a Certified Bariatric Educator. Since then I have been helping patients not only lose weight, but more importantly I have been empowering them to live a life that they honestly love and enjoy. Through empowerment, my patients are happier, feel freedom and are sustaining their weight-loss for the long-term.

At Health Evolved we focus on the concept of Best Weight. Which is defined as the weight a patient reaches when they are living the healthiest lifestyle possible; one they truly enjoy without feelings of deprivation or sacrifice. To achieve this, we look at each domain of your patient’s life to assess the factors that lead to their current weight. Through an evidenced based, comprehensive, and holistic approach we help patients make small sustainable lifestyle changes in their behaviours, nutrition, and activity levels. We provide well-rounded, personalized education that supports an individual to make permanent lifestyle changes and discover their Best Weight. We do this without the use of any kind of diet programs/products or meals plans.

Obesity is a complex chronic disease that no single practitioner can handle on their own. Furthermore, you may likely be in a similar position that I was once in, where you received little or no formal training in obesity management while obtaining your professional degree. As such, I would like to offer that if you ever have any questions around obesity or would like to discuss the approach to managing your patients’ weight, please feel to reach out to me via phone or email.


Dr. Dan Burton, BScPharm, PharmD, APA, CDE, CBE
Founder of Health Evolved

Tel: 780-819-7880
Fax: 403-286-0018
Email: dan.burton@healthcareevolve.ca

PRAC ID#: 6315303

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