EP 62 – Stories of Trauma and some of the Neurobiology with Kelly Moen

The Best Way To Deal With Trauma Is To Acknowledge It.” – Kelly Moen

“Weight Loss Is Slower When The Cortisol Is High.” – Kelly Moen


Episode Overview

Our brain represents a system that controls body functions; neurobiology helped us to discover each part of the brain and its functions, which opens the ability to know how it works. Trauma is an emotional experience caused by multiple bad and hard experiences that can happen to any human being. Triggers can be created, and our brain takes them as a red flag to the system which creates different reactions. Kelly Moen explains many different experiences related to trauma responses and how our brain works.



02:22- Introduction to the different parts of the brain and its functions.

07:11- Kelly’s wife’s traumatized pregnancy story.

12:58- The kangaroo care that saved Kelly’s son.

16:07- The trauma responses and the reflection of the brain.

21:01- Fundamental trauma, stress, and obesity.

23:35- The IQ test stereotypes on obesity.

25:25- Neurobiology and trauma responses.


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