EP 60 – Trauma? What Is It and How Does It Manifest In Our Lives with Kelly Moen

Episode Overview

Trauma is one of the biggest mental health and behavior issues in our era. Defining the trauma and discovering the cause of it might take ages, but with the evolution of science trauma can become a normal obstacle to handle and get some help. Still, the current societal pressures push people to the edge and bad management of trauma can put people in hard positions, which leads to a lot of health, mental and physical issues.


03:36- The definition of Trauma.

07:17- Gabor Maté and his Trauma experience.

10:00- The creation of drugs to avoid the pain.

16:00- Trauma and the current system.

18:00- The 3 philosophies to self-determination. 

23:20- The active coping mechanism to solve problems.

24:48- The current system doesn’t encourage mindfulness.

26:27- Societal classes and the opportunity for self-care. 

28:45- Pharmaceuticals and anxiety, depression, and trauma.

29:05- The toxicity of bad management and its effects on the employee.


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