EP 61 – Trauma and Choices: How much control do we actually have? With Kelly Moen

Conscientiousness is often correlated with low body weight, whereas agreeableness may correlate with an obesogenic environment and a larger body.” – Kelly Moen

We are making so many decisions and living our lives when really we’re not paying attention to our brain and the chemicals involved in the movement.” – Kelly Moen

Episode Overview

How much power do we have over our emotional-based decisions? Sometimes you just get influenced by old memories or sparks of cravings- and without hesitation, you’re giving in on random things. In this episode of the Big Fat Facts podcast, Dr.Dan and Kelly Moen bring the audience’s attention to emotional-based decisions and triggers that influence our rational thinking. There’s more coming up on this topic, so stay tuned for follow-up episodes.


1:27 A chat turning into a content machine – driven by emotions

2:14 Working together collectively- creating a positive emotional outcome

3:08 Feeling warm and fuzzy inside- donating money, time, attention

4:00 Consciousness is enhanced with the bodyweight number? How?

5:04 Narrative review- cons and flaws included

6:18 Personality tests- debates about personalities and the tangibility

9:44 Emotional triggers- who and what is actually making the decisions?

11:38 Making logical decisions & strengthening that highway in our brain

14:09 Coming off the pill and losing appetite and pleasure

17:18 Genetical connection and how DNA plays its own part in this

18:52 Pharmaceutical influence on your neuronal pathways 

20:20 Connective line to the Kung Fu Panda- obesity and cartoons

21:32 How much power do we have over our decisions

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