EP 49 – Self-Determination Theory – Competence Is A Driving Force and An Essential Part of Our Wellbeing

Your self-determination is the driving force of getting close to the exercise of mastery. If you want to succeed, you need to push yourself to go for it. In today’s episode of the Big Fat Facts podcast, Dan and Kelly talk about self-competence and determination to chase the dreams and goals you want to set for yourself. Mastery carries the set of tools and skills that help us build more confidence. Tune in now for part two of our talk about Self-Determination Theory concepts.


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EP 55 – Insulin Resistance! Is it the cause or the result of Obesity?

Insulin Resistance – Another movie in the Star Wars series? Or another medical term that Social Media Force has co-opted to try and sell you another health product? Maybe you have heard that it is the cause or the result of obesity and weight gain? There are a lot of questions, and I want to provide you with some clarification on: What is Insulin Resistance? What is the cause? If we can develop it, can we do anything about it? Join me for this audio replay of my webinar about insulin resistance and weight management. 

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