EP 48 – The Journey of a Physique Competitor – From Disordered Eating to a Healthy Lifestyle with Dr. Steve Danylchuk

Dr. Steve Danylchuk is a clinical pharmacist in the emergency department at the Red Deer Regional Hospital in Red Deer, Alberta. He also completed the PharmD bridging program in 2017. In January 2020, Steve decided to take part in the physique competition but after it got canceled, he went through a breakdown and fell off the wagon. How to develop the mindset that will move you forward despite hectic situations and what should we bring to the plate when our goals are ruined by outside factors? Tune in now.


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EP 55 – Insulin Resistance! Is it the cause or the result of Obesity?

Insulin Resistance – Another movie in the Star Wars series? Or another medical term that Social Media Force has co-opted to try and sell you another health product? Maybe you have heard that it is the cause or the result of obesity and weight gain? There are a lot of questions, and I want to provide you with some clarification on: What is Insulin Resistance? What is the cause? If we can develop it, can we do anything about it? Join me for this audio replay of my webinar about insulin resistance and weight management. 

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